Sustainable development

Reduction of environmental impact

1286063308_e560fc85a1Coating Développement is committed to a sustainable development approach in order to minimize its impact on the environment:
• Decontamination of the industrial site
• Renovation of buildings with high energy performance
• Reduction of our electricity, gas and water consumption
• Recovery of kiln calories for heating buildings.

Water base formulations

All our formulations are in aqueous phase, without any solvents.
Our coatings consist of fillers, pigments, binders and if necessary flame retardants. These components are diluted in water before coating.
The coated support is dried in hot air furnaces, running on natural gas


100% of the materials not sold are reprocessed by certified channels or valorised through adapted networks.

In order to preserve the environment, Coating Développement sets up preventive measures and specific treatment actions