Coating, treatment, colouration

Bringing particular attributes to soft media2-enduction-jaune-dscn5427

Coating consists of putting on a medium, a product supposed to protect it, modify the aspect and give particular qualities for industrial or graphic applications.

Coating Développement is the specialist of soft medium coating for :

  • Papers, cards and cardboards from 45 g to 600g
  • Films from 35 µ à 200 µ (polypropylene, polyester, PEHD…)
  • Non-woven, polyester, banner PVC, wallpaper…
  • Tyvek® soft and strong structures

Our coating and treatments

Coating Développement creates formulae adapted for each utilisation, for each client, according to strict confidential and environmental rules.

Our experience gives us the know-how in several domains and in very contrasting activity sectors.

  • Alimentary
  • Slip-resistent
  • Antistatic
  • Anti-tearing
  • Barrier
  • Colouration, tinting, fluorescence
  • Glue (glue activated with water)
  • Waterproofing
  • Erasable
  • Water-repellent
  • Fire resistant, with anti-fire norm M1 / B1
  • Waterproofing
  • Inkjet printable (water-based, latex, solvent), Laser, UV
  • Luminescence
  • Mat, satin, bright
  • PVDC waterproof
  • Security
  • Siliconing
  • Heat sealability
  • ….

Some examples with which we can process :

  • Tyvek® 1082D norm B1, printable
  • Tyvek® 1073D norm B1, printable
  • Soft Tyvek® flame retardant
  • Paper 130g, 190g M1 for inkjet print (white, color, fluorescent)
  • Coated paper for HP Indigo
  • AquaPaper® : wallpaper non-woven pre-pasted on the back M1 for printing
  • PVC M1 for printing
  • Calque M1 for printing
  • IgniCoat : Paper 190 g M1 for solvent printing

Our coating machines

Coating Développement has a strong production capacity with 3 coating lines working simultaneously :

  • 1 coater width 1600 mm
  • 1 coater width 1475 mm
  • 1 coater width 1300 mm

Our coaters have the particularity of permitting us to put 5 layers in one pass : 3 layers recto + 2 layers verso.

Possibilities of coating are 1 g / m² to 100 g / m² in 1 pass, so a layer thickness of 1 µ to 120 µ in 1 pass.

Our machines can use rolls of 1,20 m of diameter, capacity of 1 tonne, with mandrels of 70 to 150mm.

Our techniques are adaptable to medium constraints:

  • Coating air blade
  • Coating Meyer bars
  • Coating Size press
  • Soft calender online