Research and development

Innovation and research, centre of the company

Our expertise and know how, combined with our specific tools enable Coating Développement to realise the development of formulations that meet the technical requirements according to the applications wanted. We also provide services of research and development for supple medium treatment: paper, cards, specialty films, pvc, non-woven, polypropylene…

Our R&D service work with our formula and/or in close collaboration with our customers R&D services.

Under strict confidentiality, we accompany our customers in their projects:

  • Conception, elaboration, formula modification
  • New medium development
  • Laboratory testing
  • Pre-industrial testing and industrialing test
  • Production

Our know how in chemical R&D is combine with the perfect technical mastery of our production team, who have at their disposal unique equipment dedicated to coating chemistry.

Our integrated laboratory2-labo-img_6261

Coating Développement has an integrated R&D chemistry laboratory which has the possibility to study and take part in every conception and production step.

Coating Développement has :

  • 1 R&D laboratory made for confidentiality
  • 1 quality controllaboratory
  • 1 M1 test bench
  • 1 print room with printer and digital plotter from different technologies

Close collaboration and custom work

Our R&D team is adaptable to your demand according to your contract specification.

  • Developing a particular coating: on contract specification, we formulate the coating that we will put on your rolls.
  • Apply our formula on your medium.
  • You have a medium and a coating sauce: we set our machine parameters to satisfy your contract specification.