Georges Rousse chooses Aqua Paper® for his works

The artist’s works are printed on Aqua Paper® Original, manufactured by Coating Développement.

The Younique Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) of Lima present from May 30 to October 21, 2018 a large-scale exhibition of works by the artist Georges Rousse. About twenty photographs of his works were printed on Aqua Paper® in 3 m x 4 m format, to allow visitors to project themselves into the image.

In Chambéry, the photograph of his ephemeral work taken in the old hospital is printed on Aqua Paper® and displayed in the lobby of the new hospital. Two works by Gorges Rousse are also currently presented at the Cité des Arts in Chambéry. All his photographs are printed on Aqua Paper®, which is made in Barby – Chambéry!

Georges Rousse uses Aqua Paper® for his exhibitions around the world from Lima to Tokyodue to its high quality, stability and graphic reproduction. “In the image I make, I must share all the emotion I felt when I discovered these places, walking around them and then in the long work of their transformation. This is what I would call enlarging the “off-screen” of photography. The image shows a perspective picture and a sensory experience, projecting body and mind. The quality of the photographic image through its ability to reproduce the finest details, its “sharp”, makes possible the relationship of this double experience beyond the surface of the image.”

“Opening today at 19.30 Peruvian time, the full exhibition of photographs printed on Aqua Paper® in amazing high definition will immerse visitors in this sensory journey. Both artist Georges ROUSSE and Galerie Younique are delighted with the end product and look forward sharing the exhibition with visitors