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Coating and treatment of flexible materials.

COATING DÉVELOPPEMENT is a coating and processing company for flexible materials for industrial and graphic use, located in Savoie near Chambéry (France).

Our coating and converting factory manufactures special, innovative substrates for industry and the graphic arts.

We add technical characteristics to substrates by applying one or more top coats. Coating modifies the properties of the materials by giving them additional qualities such as barrier, flame retardant, heat sealable, printable, compostable, colourable, etc.

Coating Developpement transforms various flexible materials such as paper, cardboard, non-wovens, polypropylene, vinyl, Tyvek®, etc. for industrial and graphic uses, using coating and impregnation techniques.

A unique manufacturing site

Coating Développement has 4,500 m2 of industrial facilities:

  • Three coating and treatment lines,
  • Up to 4 coating heads for 4 layers in a single pass,
  • Several lines for the shaping and packaging of reels and sheets,
  • 1200 m2 storage and logistics base,
  • An integrated Research & Development laboratory and an in-line control lab.

From R&D to industrial production and logistics

Coating Developpement supports its customers at every stage of their projects: formulation in the laboratory, testing, pre-production runs, production start-up and manufacturing.

Our chemical expertise R&D is combined with the technical expertise of our production teams, who have access to unique equipment dedicated to coating chemistry.

These technical skills are complemented by flexible, responsive logistics solutions implemented by our packaging team, including customised shipments to customer specifications.

Major investments

Massive investments have been made and continue to be made in industrial facilities, equipment, people and infrastructure.

The Savoie coating and processing factory for flexible substrates has been organised around a team of existing employees, following the acquisition by Jean-Paul BOHÉLAY and the ID Holding group in April 2010.
The company's specific expertise has been preserved and its production facilities modernised.
The research and development department is now at the heart of the Coating Développement business. It is based on specific technology and unique industrial know-how.

In particular, the company's research and development work has led to the implementation of an innovative industrial process such as the treatment of heat-sealable, recyclable and compostable cardboard and paper. This innovation is part of the search for sustainable solutions, with the development of materials that have a reduced environmental impact compared with the bi-materials currently used (cardboard and plastic). It has applications in a wide range of sectors, including disposable accessories for the fast-food industry, such as cups and cutlery, as well as packaging and food papers. Coating Développement won the "FRANCE RELANCE" award in May 2021 for this innovation.

Watch the video made by Savoie News on the occasion of the visit of Juliette Part, Secretary General of the Savoie Prefecture, in the presence of the region's elected representatives, on 28 May 2021.

Our markets and distribution networks

Coating Développement works in 3 distinct markets:

Our Graphic Arts brands

Associating the technical characteristics of our products with our registered trademarks enables them to be identified immediately and makes it easier to communicate their specific technical features to our distributor customers and to their digital printing customers.

That's why Coating Développement names its most innovative product ranges for the graphic arts market.

Discover our range of non-woven wallpaper Aqua Paper®, our banners IdroJet®, our canvases and tarpaulins DecoJet® and our flame-retardant papers IgniCoat®.

Our quality process

The quality of our products is at the focus of the concerns of all our departments and is the subject of strict procedures.

Traceability is established at every stage in the life of our products.

Our in-house analysis laboratory checks the quality of raw materials, in-process products and finished products.

Our sales and administrative team are on hand to listen to your needs and help you implement them, monitor production and handle your orders.

Our environmental engagement

Since 2010, Coating Développement has been engaged in an eco-responsible approach and is pursuing its sustainability commitment to reduce its environmental impact.

  • Water-based formulation,
  • Exclusion of hazardous materials
  • Waste treatment and management, recycling
  • Energy saving...

Our geographical location

The company, which coats and processes flexible materials for industrial and graphic use, is based in Barby near Chambéry.
Our products are made in France!

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